What Do Old People Like?

Many elderly persons have a very simple need which is not to be alone. For many elderly people who are isolated, they deal with a lot of loneliness. It is for this reason that a lot of innovative schemes have been set up in different communities to take the generation strain. At this age, it is the little things that matter to the elderly and a little love goes a long way. So, what do old people like?

Social care has become a calamity and the plight of the elderly reveals a great crisis that could rock the world in the not so far future. It is therefore important that loneliness in the elderly be dealt with accordingly and addressed as soon as possible to avoid this.

The elderly need to be treated as people that are enterprise and people who have assets and gifts that can be used to better the community. The only practical requirements that they really have are eating, dressing, and washing. With many age-related conditions and ailments, there are many places where the elderly may not be able to venture.

There are however lots of things that could possibly lift the spirits of the elderly and actually make them more productive than ever before. When we understand this, then it becomes so much easier to assist the elderly and to care for them in a way that they will feel loved and appreciated.

Fun things about the elderly

elderly Fun things

There are many activities that are associated with older people including golf. However, it is a sport that anyone can enjoy as long as they really understand it. There are also some things that older folks give a lot of importance. Old people love sleepers and if given a chance, most of them would probably walk around in them everywhere.

The other thing that old people seem to enjoy is getting up early in the morning. This is a habit that is common with the older folks. This happens because of different biological factors. If you have ever lived with an older person or even taken care of one, then you may have noticed this habit.

Old people like making the statement “you will understand this when you are a bit older”. This is one of the most frustrating things, especially to the younger generation who think they have life all figured out already. Older people use this remark to prove a point, especially when younger people try arguing with them.

Knitting is the other thing that is very common with the older generation. When we get older, we get passionate about some things and knitting is one of them. You may notice an old person knitting as they commute or at home as they watch their favourite show.

As mentioned earlier, older people love to have company. This is one of the reasons as to why you will find them on the phone for hours on end. If you plan to call an older person, just make sure you are prepared.

It is hard to dismiss them when they have something to get off their chest. They also find it easier to express themselves through talking, especially amongst themselves and there is some sarcasm involved.

Leaving voicemails is another old people favourite. One thing you may note is the fact that they will leave the messages even in the oddest hours.

Taking naps is yet another thing they like. Old people will flop on the bed once they get home. It is not uncommon to see an older person take a nap whenever they feel like it regardless of where they are; including the dinner table!

You can trust older people to have the exact change. They are big on this too.


It is usually a challenge to find the perfect gift for the older folks, especially as they keep on advancing in age. One of the things you note is that you may get an elderly person something and they may actually appreciate it genuinely but then it is stashed away unused.

The trick is to get them something practical that they can use so as to make their lives as easy as possible. Ordinary things are more useful to them than the latest technology.

One of the things that older people like is a visit that involves children. Seniors love being around children and time spent with them always elevates their spirits. Make sure you have them in a comfortable environment so as to ensure that you do not strain them making it hard to follow conversations.

If you have to meet away from home, make sure you meet in a comfortable restaurant. Older people know that they have limited time and so they tend to put a lot of value in experiences that other folks may consider and dismiss as ordinary.

If you are considering a good gift for the elderly, ensure that it is as practical as possible. It is important to get them the things that they need most.

If they have ailments that limit movement, consider gifts that will give them mobility and those that will help them reach things easier. Consider getting them clothing that they can wear comfortably and on their own too.

Activities and hobbies

Activities and hobbies

When people are older, they tend to have some more time on their hands. This means that they can do some things that they may have been too time limited to deal with in the past. It is hard to get an idea of the best activities and hobbies so here are a few:

Jigsaw puzzles

Traditional jigsaw puzzles allow the elderly to remain amused each day. It is one of the ways that the elderly stay alert and keep their brains agile. They can do the puzzles online or they can do it the traditional way.


Art is the other thing that the older people greatly appreciate. Art can be at the parents’ home, at the nursing home, or even in local classes. Older people love to engage in art and some actually love crafting their own pieces regardless of how skilled they are.

There are many opportunities for the elderly in this area and it keeps them busy. Artwork also happens to be one of the best gifts that you can get the elderly as a present. At their age, they have a deeper appreciation for creativity than young people.

The creativity involved, especially when they do the work themselves is a rewarding and absorbing experience for them. There are art books that they can use and it gets better if they actually love creating art.

Art appreciation

It is also interesting for the elderly to appraise art. They love going to galleries which also allows them to experience culture from the present and the past as well. Organized gallery trips with other people who appreciate art are a great way to gain new experiences.

Some of the elderly people don’t even need to be in a group. You will find them at art galleries taking in the creativity available there.


One common trait of every town is the fact that there are local cinemas and there are new films from time to time. Elderly people love some peace and quiet and therefore a daytime film is a better experience for them since they are not too crowded.

Card making

This is something that has increased in popularity quite quickly in the elderly. The old folks love this since there are different skill levels. This is one of the ways that the older people keep busy while at the same time creating some of the best wishes for their families and their friends.

You can buy easy kits so as to help them start off if they are into this kind of thing.


This is a sport that anyone can actually engage in and it is not just for older people. The best part is that there is no limit on physical ability. It is a game that can be learned in a few seconds and there are so many clubs all over.

The game is also rather cheap if you were to compare it to others. Old people opt to join clubs or just play at local parks.

Bird watching

There is nothing older folks love more than a date with nature. This is what brings bird watching in the picture. They create bird feeders and place them in their gardens so that they can watch as the birds feed, if they still have the energy, they venture out and most join clubs that give them the opportunity to interact with like-minded people.


This is actually quite common in the elderly and it gets them in trouble sometimes if they seem to be collecting too many items and stacking them all over. Older folks may have an interest in something in particular and once they have started collecting, there is no way you can get in their way. This is a rewarding and interesting experience for them.


This comes naturally for most people, especially the ladies. Most people will agree that they can never go to their granny’s without coming out full. They are big on meals and they will talk you into eating more and more.

Sometimes we are not able to refuse! The older people also appreciate learning new recipes and interacting with other people at cooking classes whenever the opportunity arises.

Arranging flowers

This is another old people favourite. There are many courses that the elderly can attend since they have time on their hands. They can also learn at home using the books that are available.

The books usually deal with the basics. As you may note, older people are natural with flowers and they can come up with some of the most amazing pieces given a chance.


Dancing is another thing that the elderly like. Regardless of how slow it is, a good dance always gets them in the best spirits. Even if they are not good at it, they can join classes and learn a few steps which are always a great thing to do.

It helps them stay fit and happy since music always elevates our moods in very positive ways. It is one of the best social experiences that an old person can have.

Computers and the internet

Some elderly people just love technology and they never disappoint when it comes to learning how a computer operates, how to use it, and how to browse the internet. There is no limit to the things that they can do either.

They Google things that they want to know and interact, in a very real way, on social media. It gets hilarious, sometimes since they are known for not holding back any kind of information regardless of how intimate.

Some love sending emails and keeping in touch with their children and grandchildren who live far off. Video calling has helped the elderly to bridge gaps with loved ones.


This is also associated with older people. It is always a good thing to get out and take in some fresh air. Gardening is one of the things that can keep the elderly engrossed for hours.

They love tending to plants and watching them flourish. It is common to find a garden at an old person place and most times, the gardens are in the best condition.


If they still have the energy for it, old people love travelling to different parts of the world. Now that they are retired and they have a lot of time on their hands. When the budget allows it, travelling can be one of the most rewarding experiences for them at all levels.

It is a chance to learn new things, experience new cultures, visit new places, explore their wild side, and so on. There are many tours that are organized specially for older people.


Yoga is quite common too. It allows people to maintain their flexibility and suppleness. It is one of the things that older people live to engage in. It helps them to feel healthier and even fitter. It is easy to join yoga classes for the elderly.

Pilate is the other alternative. It helps with flexibility and with strength and it does a lot of good for back pain.


We cannot talk about what old people like and leave out pets. Pets relieve stress. Having a pet motivates the elderly person to get out of the house for that dog walk. Pets will also keep the elderly company when they are home alone.

There are some pets that don’t need too much attention and are perfect for this age group.


There are many things that old people like for obvious reasons. Realizing what it is that keeps you going is the best way to live a healthier and happier life. Some of the things that older people like don’t make a lot of sense to us, but to them, it is their whole world. Staying busy and occupied helps your elderly loved one maintain mental and physical health.

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