Gifts For Elderly in Nursing Home: 5 Superb Gifts for Making Them Happy

It is quite normal for people to take their elderly to nursing homes. There are many reasons that may drive you to choose this route. The elderly person in question might be ailing and in need of specialized care or they may be too old to care for themselves. While in a nursing home, the most important thing is not to forget them. Gifts for elderly in nursing homes are important as it allows them to feel that they are still connected and loved.

When you are visiting your loved one, it is important to make sure that you respect their privacy at all times. Always knock especially in private rooms where personal care may be in progress. It is also important to remain as warm as possible when interacting and also keep conversations as positive as possible.

One of the other things that the elderly would appreciate is a gift. It does not have to be fancy, even the simplest gesture can go a long way. You can also select different donation items for nursing homes that will help in the everyday running.

You can choose an item that will be of great assistance to your elderly loved one or you may choose something that shows them just how special and loved they really are. A gift can make your loved one feel connected. It is the best way to lift their spirits.

What to bring to a nursing home visit?

One of the best things you can do for your loved one in a nursing home is to visit them. The mere act of taking some time off so as to spend time with the elderly is one of the most precious gifts that you can extend to them. When you are going for a visit, be sure to bring something. Some of the most popular items include fresh flowers in fancy arrangements.

You can also opt to get them something that could really help them in their daily tasks, making their life easier or more comfortable. Pictures, drawings and so on are some of the all-time favourites. Some occasions call for special gifts. Mother’s day gifts for nursing home residents do a lot of good.

What Do Nursing Home Residents Like?

It may not be possible to visit a nursing home every other day because of the distance and tight work schedules. However, when you do get a chance to visit, it is important that you make it worthwhile by bringing something that your loved one would really appreciate. The truth is that everyone is different and in nursing homes, each resident has their own special need.

However, they definitely love to feel loved and some company. Stuffed animals are quite popular. The elderly also love engaging in games that require them to think so as to stay stimulated. They also love decorating, floral arrangements, colouring, and photo books and so on.

What to buy a gift for elderly men/women in nursing homes?

Gifts For Elderly In Nursing HomeThere are many ideas that you can use so as to pick that perfect gift to someone in a nursing home. One thing you should note is that the elderly were once young and so in their lifetime, they have always received gifts over and over again. The thing to appreciate is the fact that their needs have changed.

They may be dealing with a myriad of health issues and also they may need some items that many people would not normally think about. Think of your loved one’s specific needs and what items that they would really need. It would not hurt anyone to ask the attendants for ideas and the things that seem to excite your loved one so as to make practical choices. You could also get gifts for nursing home staff for motivation.

Advantages of gifts for elderly in a nursing home

They include:

⇒ The visits give you a chance to evaluate their well-being, safety, and health

You can prevent elder abuse

 Visiting with family helps bring some positivity

 They keep the elderly emotionally engaged

 They remind them that you love them

 They allow you to create new memories

You give them a chance to tell them about their desires

How I Selected the Best 5 gifts for elderly in nursing home

Personalized: So what exactly do you buy for an elderly person who may have everything that they need? Buying for the elderly can be very tricky. The fact that they never ask for too much makes it even harder to make up your mind about a gift. So buy something which makes sense to the gift recipient.

Practical: While it’s true that they love the visits and the pictures of the little ones, especially when they are close, but still it’s important to be practical.

Variety: You need to have different gifts for different visits to the nursing home.

Needful: You should give the sweet gifts to the elderly, but you should also take time to understand their situation so that you can give something that is not about sentiments. Think of what is needed like cozy jackets, comfortable slippers. There are different crafts to make for nursing home residents.

Usefulness: I selected the gifts for the elderly based on the fact that they appreciate the sweet sentiments and the fact that in addition, they are older and some deal with special needs. You may not think of some things because you are not old yet, but they matter a lot. You will find the list as an eye-opener as it can give you more ideas on what you can gift the elderly. I tried to cover all the areas that the elderly may need assistance with.

5 gifts for elderly in the nursing home

1. Ettore’s Grip’n Grab
2. NIVEA In-Shower Nourishing Body Lotion
3. Santin Art – Modern Abstract Painting Wall Decor Landscape Paintings
4. Adecco [PF0206] Decorative Black Wood Wall Hanging Collage frame
5. Benchmark Bouquets Flowering Fields, With Vase

1. Ettore’s Grip’n Grab

Grip'n Grab Reach Tool

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This is one of the best things that you should definitely get for the elderly. It is a multi-purpose pickup and also cleans up tool. It is perfect for the outdoors and the indoors as well. It is also quite easy and comfortable to handle because of the jaws that are rubberized so as to make it easy to retrieve items and objects.

The elderly need to avoid straining their knees, backs, arms, and hands. It is true that the elderly can no longer do the things they used to do when they were younger with great ease. Having the multipurpose equipment can prove very helpful to them in the nursing home. They wouldn’t have to ask for assistance whenever they need to pick or reach for something.

The grip and grab also come with an articulating head that is able to turn 90 degrees. The fact that it is rust proof makes it perfect for the outdoors. It also comes with a very sleek profile that allows it to fit well behind crawl places, appliances, and furniture.

The elderly will not need to use any ladders since you can extend it up to four feet. The elderly will have no problem handling the tool since it is lightweight with a plastic and aluminium construction.

2. NIVEA In-Shower Nourishing Body Lotion

NIVEA In-Shower Nourishing Body Lotion

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This body lotion is one of the best that you can give to someone in a nursing home. The simple reason is the fact that moisture is absorbed in an instant and there is no sticky feel. This is a lotion that will leave your loved one’s skin feeling smooth and soft.

One of the things that you notice with people as they get older is that the skin tends to dry up. Having a lotion that can deal with this issue is always a welcome thought. It is for this reason that the Nivea in-shower nourishing body lotion makes such a perfect gift.

The lotion is able to nourish the skin with moisture for over 24 hours. This is because of the patent-pending formula that allows absorption into wet skin in a matter of seconds. This is one of the things that the elderly can definitely appreciate. It has been tested and approved dermatologically, therefore, making it very safe to use even on sensitive skin.

This is an option that has brought a great revolution in how we take care of our skin on a daily basis. It is the best way to moisturize the skin and a must have for the elderly. It has almond oil that nourishes even the driest of skins.

3. Santin Art – Modern Abstract Painting Wall Decor Landscape PaintingsSantin Art - Modern Abstract Painting Wall Decor Landscape Paintings

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This is another amazing gift for the elderly in nursing homes. It is common knowledge that older people have an appreciation of art that many younger people don’t. This is a perfect gift that can be placed in the bedroom or the living area. It comes ready to hang and is a perfect wall decoration.

This is a professional artwork manufacturer and therefore you can expect only the best. The company has already come up with many pieces of paintings. The paintings have been distributed all over the world.

This, therefore, means that your loved one will feel special and appreciated if you were to get them a professional art work piece. What better way for them to remember you than to have an item hanging around for them to see every single day?

The most exceptional thing about this abstract is the fact that it is durable and can also be easily cleaned using a soft, dry or even slightly damp cloth. The other good thing about the piece is that it is hand painted and then wood framed. If your loved one appreciates art, this is the best gift for them.

4. Adecco [PF0206] Decorative Black Wood Wall Hanging Collage frame

Adecco [PF0206] Decorative Black Wood Wall Hanging Collage frame

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As earlier mentioned, the elderly love having pictures as gifts, especially those that remind them of people that are close to their hearts. This photo frame is one of the best as it comes with an attractive layout. It has a matte black finish and is made of Plexiglas and wood.

This is a perfect gift due to the fact that it can hold up to 12 images. You can hang this one using two different angles so as to suit your space. This is a frame that is perfect for any kind of pictures.

It makes a perfect gift because you can interact with your loved one and assist them to mount the pictures that hold the highest sentimental value for them. In such a case, you can help them hang the frame in a place where they can easily access. This allows them to feel like a part of the family, even if they are far from home.

They feel loved even when you are not able to visit on a daily basis. With this piece, you can transform your loved one’s nursing home room looks completely and without much effort. Make sure you include the photos that can remind them of all the happy times that they have had in their lives.

5. Benchmark Bouquets Flowering Fields, With Vase

Benchmark Bouquets Flowering Fields, With Vase

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This is yet another perfect gift. One of the amazing things about this gift is how much the elderly appreciate those floral arrangements. The flowers are actually shipped in bud form and they usually bloom in around 3 days’ time.

These are some of the best-handpicked flowers that make them so special. They also have the most unique textures and colours. It is the best gift for your loved ones since they will allow them to feel closer to Mother Nature than ever before. There are green, orange, hot pink, purple, and yellow blooms to choose from.

The vase is clear and is able to hold a good number of blooms. The fresh flowers are a perfect choice for the elderly and they will definitely appreciate the gesture.

The most amazing thing about flowers is that they’re a complete gesture all by themselves. You do not need to seek out too many words so as to tell your loved done that you appreciate and care for them. Sending those flowers does so much more than words and is one of the best ways of expressing how you truly feel.


You may not have an option but to take someone you live in a nursing home. However, you should never forget that they exist and you should offer them gifts as often as possible so as to show them just how much you truly love and appreciate them. Take time to pick a practical gift for care home residents that will add value to them, especially when they have a special need.

You can also look for nursing home care packages that usually come with a variety of different products that can be helpful. DIY gifts for nursing home residents are usually highly personalized and they also make a perfect sentimental gift.

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