About Us

Welcome to Senior Living Help!!!

It is a friendly website dedicated to the welfare and happiness of elderlies and senior citizens. Here we try to provide the most reliable information regarding senior citizens and elderlies’ health issues. We try to bring elderlies and their families together.

Who is Kate Mallord?

Kate Mallord is a health blogger. In the year 1988, she graduated from the University of Texas School of Medicine at San Antonio. Kate is an exemplary doctor. She has always devoted herself to caring for older adult patients. After graduation, to pursue her dream she started her career in an Elderly Care Centre caring for them unconditionally.

She always had a question. How to help elderlies in a better way? This question made her start blogging (Senior Living Help) in 2018.

Through this blog, Kate is trying to solve senior citizens health problems as easy as possible. If you have any queries regarding any elderly in your family then write to us.

What Do We do?

We do hard research and come up with proven, easy and practical solutions to common and rare elderly problems. We dedicate a small time of our day to make those people live better who gave us their everything.

Here, we discuss health issues to mental disorder. We try to bring the best product available in the market for elderlies. We look for what is comfortable for them and will make them feel happy.

We try to find answers not only for their body but also for their heart. This is a place where elderlies can feel connected to.

Why Do We Do?

Kate Mallord and her team firmly believe in their foundation provided by the elders. We have not only great respect for senior people but also care for them. We consider them as a priceless asset.

So, we try our best to make them feel better every day and alleviate their misery even if it is for a bit. Our parents, grandparents have given us a lot. This is a small way to show our gratitude and provide all the parents a better life in their old age.

What Do We Want To Do In Future?

We want to create a community where every older adult will be able to find solutions to their problems. We wish elderlies can find trust and hope on our website (seniorlivinghelp.co).

We want their caretaker to be able to find what is the best too easily without wasting effort. We are trying to bring everything relating to elderlies in a place. From their diet chart to clothing. Medicine to aids. We have correct information about exercise material and also can tell you how to entertain your elders nicely.

Why Trust Us?

We cannot bet on anything. But for sure know we here only try to bring the truth. Each article, information is based on research. We try to figure out the real part amidst the vast sea of false and misinterpretation.

That is why our content will give you correct and full information that you need to know. It will help you to take care of your old family members and fulfill their smallest needs.

Thanks for your time. Come back again!!