Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Advice

It has become quite common in the world today to hear of couples with a huge difference with regard to age getting married or in a relationship. Dating an older man is not happening in Hollywood only, but in all parts of the world.

The most common scenario is when the man is much older than the woman is. Older man younger woman relationship advice is necessary so as to aid these sprouting couples to understand what is expected of them to enjoy and get along well.

These kinds of relations seem to be working out well, which somewhat prove that age is indeed but a number. Women tend to find older men captivating mainly because of their lifestyle which is refined, but there is much more than meets the eye.

Women prefer such men because they tend to relate to them. Science has proven that men take longer to mature in comparison to women. This one thing makes women feel that men do not really act like their age.

This is what makes women get attracted to older men because they feel they are more mature. Most women like stability, something that most older men possess.

Older men have dignity, grace, and maturity. They tend to value younger partners more and they treat them with great respect in comparison to the younger men.


It is true that older men are more mature. When they are with younger women, older men get a sense of youth, which is exciting and refreshing.

Combining two partners who have diverse qualities works well because as we all know, opposites seem to attract even though there are many disadvantages that are involved as well. When there is a generation gap, moral, views, and interest can differ a great deal.

These may lead to issues cropping up depending on how important the issue really is. The best advice in such a case is to keep all channels open and discuss all things before you actually agree that this is the right thing to get into.

If you have never been in such a relationship, there are many things that you need to consider. Get to know the upside and the downside of such a relationship.

Be very clear, on what you want in a partner and what they want so that you know whether you can provide, and provide well. Consider happiness as well. If they make you happy then that should be a part of your decision.

You should find someone who is able to treat you like an equal. You should be able to act as your real self without being judged or ridiculed. Just like other relationships, it is not always easy and bumps are common.

Things you should know about dating a younger woman

older man younger woman relationship advice

If you are older and want to date a younger woman, there are some things you should know about dating younger women that should help you keep your relationship afloat and going. Everyone dreams of having a relationship with a beautiful and younger person.

It is always a good thing showing off such a person, especially at social gatherings such as dinner and parties. However, the inter-generational relationships can be dangerous and it is mainly because of the expectations.

Older men dating younger women give a thrill that only the older generation can comprehend. It may raise eyebrows, but is worth it at the end of the day, especially if it is legitimate.

Usually, the older man will wonder why the woman was attracted to him to start with. Such issues can cause misunderstandings, especially when you try to use your own logic. This can harm the relationship in a very negative manner.

How to make the most out of the situation?

The only thing you need to concentrate on is the fact that she chose you instead of a younger guy. Do not spend too much time on your insecurities.

You should be ready to accept that she chose you genuinely and with no ill motive. A woman dating older men has her own reasons and you should not concentrate too much on that area alone.

Below there are some dos and don’ts that you should always remember when you find yourself in such a relationship.

1. Show off your maturity emotionally speaking

One of the things that drive women away from men in their own generation is that fact that they may not be where she wants them to be emotionally speaking. Even though they have great bodies, they still lack a great deal when it comes to emotions. This is because most guys take a slower pace to mature when compared to women. If she chose you because of this, then you need to show her that she made the right decision by expressing your feelings in a responsive and calm manner. Dating younger women needs some effort.

2. Show off some of your prowess intellectually speaking

As we grow older, we learn a lot. It does not have to be about in depth physics. You have a better understanding of how things operate in the world and therefore you should be able to talk about topics that a younger man would not have a mastery of. Your opinions will always be respected and the confidence with which you deliver such opinions is always appreciated. When you want to impress a young woman, then your brain and your voice are all an amazing way to start.

3. Tell her about your experiences

Even if you are not into extreme sports, we all have some experiences that are worth sharing as we walk through life. Pick things that have stood out for you in your life and share them with her. This is something that will definitely fascinate her to great lengths.

4. Show interest in her

Taking an interest in her and what she is all about goes a very long way. This is something that the younger men are not really good at. They end up prattling things about themselves without taking a break. It is important to have a conversation that goes both ways. Get information about the woman of interest and make sure you take time to listen.

5. Use your fingers

If you get the chance to take the relationship a step further, consolidate that superiority that you have over young men. An older man should be confident about what he is doing and therefore should be able to use his tongue, lips, fingers, and hands well. Sexual sophistication is one of the best tools to keep a woman interested.

6. Don’t attempt to buy a woman

In as much as you are older and in a much better career than a younger man, do not use this to your advantage trying to secure affection. This could come across as offensive, especially if she is not money minded. You may push her away from you when you do this.

7. Avoid making her feel inferior

There are young women married to older men and if you want it to work, then do not make her feel like she is inferior. This is something that tempts an older man because they are knowledgeable and experienced in life. This may make them feel that they are superior to the woman they are trying to get. Even if a woman does not have those grand experiences that you have managed to get, it is never wise to play her down. Even if it means so much to you, it may end up frustrating her.

8. Avoid paying attention to any rumors

In as much as you can, do not pay any attention to rumors. Since your fellow humans may not take your age difference positively, they may spread some malicious gossip and rumors about the relationship and the woman of your choice. When you understand the kind of relationship that you are in, make sure you do not listen to what people have to say. This could end up hurting your relationship in a negative manner.

9. Don’t attempt to look younger than you are

When you are in a relationship with a younger woman, do not be tempted to adopt the younger fashions to fit into her generation. This is because you will not be able to do it right. You may end up looking like something out of the 70’s. Try to be stylish without trying out her fashion. Make sure you wear things that match your age. The style needs to be eternal.

10. Don’t make any attempt of being an athlete

There are older men who try making an impression by taking loads of energy drinks and Viagra. To assure her that you are fine and that age does not restrain you from performing. It is important to accept that you will never match up to a young man when it comes to the energy score. Most women who prefer older men aim for experience and maturity, so do not be too quick to use things that boost energy levels and libido.

Why do older men like younger women?

There has been an unbalanced relationship that has been seen between older men and younger women and it seems to be very common today.

In many cases, older men have been dismissed as being filthy and it is seen as if they are preying on the younger women, while the women get labeled as gold diggers. There are many reasons as to why older men prefer younger women.

The beauty of a woman tends to fade as they grow older and it is that beauty that older men want in a younger woman. There is also that innocence that the younger women possess that turns on older men. Older women have experience and may not be as submissive as the younger counterparts may.

Older men prefer younger women because they end up feeling much younger and desirable when they are fragile, but manage to get a twenty something woman by their side, they end up feeling as if they won some precious trophy.

When compared to older women, the things that make a young woman happy are very simple and cheap to a man who has already accumulated much wealth. The younger woman will feel that she is treated like a queen even if the man only takes care of the most basic things. Older women want bigger things.

Older men also prefer young women to get to some of life experiences such as divorce. Older men can end up feeling vulnerable after such events and may want someone younger to reclaim that sexual prowess.

Younger women tend to offer older men massages to their egos from time to time, which is something that pleases older men.

Why would a younger man be attracted to an older woman?

There are different relationships in the world such as that of the French president married to an older woman that hit the headlines. It is common to find an older man, married to a younger woman and the vice versa is also happening more often in the present day. There are many things that younger men find attractive in older women.

Older women are able to handle relationships with more maturity than younger women are. This is because they already know where they stand in life and what it is that they actually want in the first place.

An older woman is able to offer friendship and can help you reflect on your positive sides better. This is what helps the younger man to build his self-esteem and confidence even better.

Older women have got an incredible level of self-possession and this very attractive to younger men. They are intellectually sharp and you can have great conversations with them.

Older women already have families and that is not the only thing they are aiming at. This allows them to offer so much more to a younger man who wants to relax and have a good time.

Why pick an older woman?

They are:

  • Sharp intellectually
  • Able to offer so much to men
  • More relaxed
  • Confident
  • More focused and know exactly what they want
  • More experienced because of their life experiences
  • More diverse, allowing you to see so many other perspectives of life

Why do girls like older guys?

older man younger woman relationship advice

You may have seen it happening where you live. Younger women seem to like older guys and sometimes the younger men and other people in general do not really understand the attraction.

One of the things that girls like about older men is the fact that they are more grounded. They are still able to do the things that the younger men can do such as father their kids.

The fact that the older men have already accumulated wealth means that they are more committed to family matters and can be around to raise children. This is because they are already stable emotionally.

In most cases, girls are attracted to older guys because of the milestones they have been able to accomplish. This seems to be the main thing, especially when you find an over 10 year age difference between the partners.

Older men are charismatic, and intelligent. They are also more mature and relatable. It is always good for a woman to be feeling like someone is looking out for her and guiding her through life.

Older men are stable emotionally speaking and this is something that truly stands out for the younger women.

Successful older woman younger man relationships

There are many older woman younger man relationships that have actually worked over the years. It has to do with the timing of such a relationship. The stage of life really matters. If the woman in his 30’s and the man in his 20’s, things may not really work out.

At that stage, their goals are quite different and it is not possible to find a neutral ground. Women in this stage are all about making families while men are not ready to commit.

The most successful older woman younger man relationship involves a woman in the late 40s and a man who is in his 30s. At this stage, a woman has children or she may have decided that she does not want to have any, and therefore looks for a man with whom she can share those views.

In today’s world, stigma involving cougars is real, but you can twist it so that it does not come across as negative.

What do 50 year old men want in bed?

There is an assumption that all men want similar things in bed, but this could not be further from the truth. As men get older, their needs and wants change.

What men in their 50’s want in life is different from what younger women want. By that age, the men have already discovered the things that they like sexually and socially and they need a woman who will understand what they want.

They want:

  • Someone who is very confident in bed
  • Someone who can communicate during sex
  • Someone who is spontaneous
  • Someone they can satisfy successfully
  • Someone who can offer more than sex only
  • Someone who can be a lover, not a child or a mother
  • Someone to offer positive support

Why am I attracted to older men?

So, why do women like older men? Young women may sometimes find themselves drawn in by older men. This is not uncommon and it is very normal.

If you are attracted to older men, then this could be because of different reasons. It could be because the person is more serious about life and is more grounded in life.

Older men are more committed to relationships that are meaningful and therefore they seem to be better lovers and fathers. They are also quite nurturing and have much knowledge to share with the younger generation.

How to look older men?

Looking for an older man is not something that can be put down on paper. In as much as maturity is a part of it, you will have to be attracted to the person first.

Find a person you can feel free with. Just because someone is older than you should not make you feel intimidated or frightened. Find someone who completes you and someone who embraces the diverse side of you without making you feel irrelevant.


Men and women relationships are complicated regardless of what angle you look at them. Older man dating younger woman makes things even more complicated, especially because of the norms that the society seems to have put in place regarding what is acceptable and what is not.

To have a truly successful relationship regardless of the age group, it is important to find out what really works for you and what does not. Finding someone with the same mindset is one of the ingredients of a successful relationship. Communication, respect, and love are all things that need to be incorporated in a relationship if it is to be completely legitimate and fulfilling.

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