Best Mattress For Elderly: Tips and Reviews

As you get older, you tend to take your time deciding on different things. Choosing a mattress is one of those things. The best mattress for the elderly needs to be selected with a lot of care.

In this population, there are many issues, especially with frequent and chronic pain in the hips, back, shoulders, neck, and other parts of the body.

There are mattresses that are created in such a way that they conform quite closely aligning to the spine and alleviating pain as well as pressure points as the elderly sleep. With a bad mattress, the discomfort and the aches only become worse.

Getting a good rest us quite important to the elderly and it helps when the mattress chosen is able to absorb some of the body heat allowing them to sleep better.

It is important to have a mattress that is able to isolate motion to keep noise very low. This allows the elderly to sleep better and with minimal disruptions during the night.

Learning what a good mattress entails can help you narrow down your search. It is important to understand the needs of the elderly person you are purchasing the mattress for and what they really want before making a pick. There are many best mattress brands that can make it easier.

What type of mattress is the best for seniors?

A good mattress is not a luxury, but a necessity. There are different kinds of mattresses that you could consider if you are over 60. Memory foam mattresses are quite popular today and they come with lots of features that are appealing to the elderly.

Best mattress for elderly seniors should distribute weight evenly, making it possible to reduce the pressure points. This makes it possible to share a bed with your partner without disturbing him or her.

Other good ones are the innerspring mattresses, latex mattresses, and air mattresses. When you come to think of it, our bodies are created differently and what may be the best mattress for one person may not be necessarily the best for another.

Advantages of best mattress for elderly:

Choosing a good mattress is a big deal especially for an aging body that needs to be pampered. It has its advantages and they include:

  • Helps the heart function better
  • It reduces the risks of diabetes
  • It lowers stress levels because you feel rested
  • It improves mood
  • Helps with aching joints and muscles
  • It can assist people with conditions such as osteoarthritis or arthritis. Best mattress for arthritis can be a great choice in such a case.

How to choose the best mattress for elderly?

Best Mattress For Elderly

There are many things to consider when you are picking a mattress for elderly persons and they include:

  • Adjustability

An adjustable mattress can be of great help to seniors because they can be adjusted in a way that fits the issues they face. This kind of mattress can be great when you want additional support to areas such as the lower back or any other part of the body.

  • Construction and material

The material used to make a mattress and their constructions are very important aspects to consider when making a choice. When a mattress has contouring capabilities, it can be great at giving pressure relief.

  • Firmness

Pain in the joints and the back can be brought about by poor firmness levels. It is important to find that balance between firm and medium options. This is the only way you can achieve the kind of supportive firmness that you truly desire.

  • Price

The price of a mattress can also be taken into consideration. However, you should never use price as an excuse to get a mattress that is of low quality. There are premium quality mattresses that you could choose from.

  • Durability

Durability usually has to do with the material and the constructions. A good mattress should be able to last long before it has to be replaced.

Best 10 mattresses for elderly

Below, we review some of the best mattresses for the elderly. In this list, we include mattresses that have the best quality and those with the potential to offer an elderly body the much-needed support and firmness. The elderly have many issues, but good sleep should not be one of them.
1: Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Gel Memory Foam 10.5-Inch Mattress
2: Signature Sleep Mattress
3: Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress
4: UltraPlush Gel-Max Memory Foam Mattress by Perfect Cloud (Twin)
5: iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base
6: Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress
7: LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base with 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress
8: Purple Queen Mattress
9: Leesa Universal Adaptive Feel Memory Foam Cooling 10” Mattress
10: Full Size Mattress, Sweetnight 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress in a Box

1: Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Gel Memory Foam 10.5-Inch Mattress

best mattress for elderly

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This is your best chance to give your bedroom a transformation. It combines a memory foam kind of mattress with an adjustable base. It is a low-cost option when compared to other bases.

The gel foam is ventilated and it is of superior quality in comparison to other memory foam mattresses. Usually, the gel particles are infused all through the foam. This, in turn, helps in temperature regulation allowing the memory foam to match your body thus reducing the pressure points.

The base has separate foot and ergonomic elevations. It also comes with settings that can be programmed for zero gravity, TV/PC, and lounge settings.

It also has a foot massage and dual head feature. It comes with a wireless remote that is very easy to use and it has a programmable and preset setting. It also has two USB ports that make charging your devices very easy.

This mattress is one of the most thoughtful options that an elderly person could get so as to ensure that they get more than just sleep.

2: Signature Sleep Mattress

best mattress for elderly

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As you age, you should not compromise the quality of sleep. This option has contours as well as high-density foam, which measures 2.5 inches at the bottom and the top of the mattress.

This gives you that embracing feel. It comes with encased coils that add to how comfortable you feel as you sleep. It is important to give the mattress around 72 hours so that it can expand to the maximum capacity. It may also have an odor that should dissipate within this time.

The mattress coils are encased independently to offer even weight distribution. This is achieved by contouring one’s curves and then releasing all the pressure points to offer a better sleep.

The fabric used as a mattress cover is breathable and soft. It can work on different kinds of surfaces and this includes trundle beds, platform beds, daybeds, bunk beds, and even box spring beds. A good mattress should be used on beds for elderly.

One of the other incredible things about this option is the fact that it comes in many sizes. You can get a king, queen, full, and even twin mattress.

The foam used to make these mattresses is certified after testing. It means that it reaches set criteria for environmental stewardship, indoor emissions, and performance.

3: Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress

best mattress for elderly

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This is another good mattress for a senior person. It is made using adaptive foam making it bouncy but supportive. It can handle any sleeping position that you can think about. The foam used to make the mattress means that it can be compressed to fit into a very small box which means that it ships quite quickly.

The mattress is high quality too, since the foam used is high grade and more advanced than other materials like latex and memory foam that can cause one to sink and even feel stuck.

It is a great choice for those who deal with night sweats. The mattress is not too hard or too soft and offers pressure relief as well as a localized bounce. It is one of the most comfortable mattresses for the elderly.

The other thing that gives you confidence with this mattress is the fact that it has a refund guarantee. The warranty lasts for 10 years.

To have a good experience with this mattress, it is important to give it around 72 hours so that it can expand fully and for the odor to disperse.

4: UltraPlush Gel-Max Memory Foam Mattress by Perfect Cloud (Twin)

best mattress for elderly

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Ultra plush mattress comes with a memory foam layer that has a Visco Gel-max layer, which is sandwiched between a top layer and a bottom layer. The layers are combined to come up with this mattress, which is 10 inches thick, and to provide great comfort as you sleep.

With this mattress, you can be sure that you will actually sleep much better. The memory foam is tested and it is able to deal with the nervous tension that can come because of shoulder, neck, and head pain.

This is the kind of pain that can keep you unrested and awake in the night. The gel comes as an extra luxury to help you sleep better.

The cover is premium knit and is snuggly and soft making it very comfortable even without a shirt. The quality of the quilted textile looks great.

This mattress allows you to have a sleep experience like no other. It is very comfortable and this makes it possible for you to sleep through the night to feel happy, rejuvenated, and rested. To emphasize on the quality, the mattress has a 10-year warranty.

5: iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base

best mattress for elderly

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This is a mattress that can enhance sleep and comfort to great heights. You can adjust the head up to 70 degrees while the foot area can be adjusted to 42 degrees.

This gives you the chance to adjust to any angle or position as you please. It also has an ergonomic remote that has 18 buttons. You can also take advantage of the preset positions including the flat button, the anti-snore, and zero gravity.

The mattress has power motors that are ultra-quiet and can handle a capacity of 850 pounds. The design is zero clearance and is made to fit an existing bed frame.

This mattress also has a full body massage feature and this comes with three intensity levels. There are four modes that include constant, pulse, and wave with a time option of 10-30 minutes.

The mattress is a result of years of development and research. The assembly is very simple and anyone can handle it. The foam padding is innovative and it is added to the upper deck to increase the structural support and extend the mattresses life span.

The state of the art features makes this one of the most outstanding, mattresses that you can select for your loved one.

6: Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress

best mattress for elderly

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This mattress has 3.5’’ gel foam that conforms to pressure offering relief and the ideal spinal alignment. It is the best mattress to reduce turning and tossing. It also helps in the elimination of motion transfer and offers the elderly person a very good night’s sleep.

The mattress cover has a zipper, which means that you can remove and clean it as you please. The material used to make the cover is New Zealand wool, which wicks any moisture and then regulates temperature. The design is great at preventing odor. The stretch knit is great for longevity and comfort.

The materials used to make the mattress are nontoxic. The materials do not have phthalates, formaldehyde, heavy metals, or flame-retardants.

The mattress gives a medium feel and it is great for the stomach, back, and side sleepers. This means you can share it comfortably with a partner who has different mattress requirements or preferences. It has a limited warranty of 25 years. The mattress is rolled and compressed in a box making it very easy to set up and ship.

The brand that makes the mattress has been around for over 3 decades and therefore they are able to create some of the most amazing products. The materials used are ethically sourced and healthy as well. The products are quite affordable too without a compromise on the quality.

7: LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base with 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

best mattress for elderly

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This mattress also comes with an adjustable base. The most outstanding thing is the fact that the base has a folding hinge. This makes shipping so much easier and affordable. The assembly is quite simple as well and will only take 5 minutes or less. You do not need an expert to assemble this mattress and base.

The base has a bed incline that is independent and is up to 60 degrees from the head and 45 degrees for the foot. It also has a USB charging stations on either side.

The mattress is made of memory foam and is topped with latex to combine the spring and sink. The mattress is 5.5”. It also has steel coils that are high quality wrapped individually to conform to the body and isolate any movement.

The cover is very attractive and comes with two finishes offering an elegant look. It comes with a warranty of ten years against any manufacturer defects.

Because we all have different size needs, the mattress is available in different sizes. This mattress is ideal for an elderly person. Since there is movement isolation, you can share it with a loved one without necessarily disrupting their sleep.

8: Purple Queen Mattress

best mattress for elderly

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This is a queen mattress that helps in the distribution of pressure. It is able to support the spine alignment, giving you an ultimate sleep experience. It is an amazing mattress for relaxation and recovery.

This mattress was designed with technology and sleep science in mind to come up with motion isolation. This means that you can share it with someone else without disrupting his or her sleep with movement.

The materials used are breathable meaning that air flows freely. These breathable channels neutralize temperatures without trapping it as latex and memory foam does. This allows you to remain comfortable and sleep better through the night.

It has no artificial germicides and is antimicrobial. The materials that are used protect against dust mites and allergens, the hyper-elastic polymer is also patented and is FDA certified making it safe to use.

The other interesting thing is the 100-night trial for the mattress, but there are conditions for this. The company that makes these mattresses has been around for years and they concentrate on adding substance to the products than air.

The queen mattress is designed to offer you a medium feel. It is well thought out and designed to offer comfort to not only an aging body, but for the whole family as well. It supports the back like a firm mattress does and cradles the shoulders and hops just like a soft mattress would.

9: Leesa Universal Adaptive Feel Memory Foam Cooling 10” Mattress

best mattress for elderly

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This is a mattress that is designed beautifully using three layers of premium foam for pressure relieving, body contouring, and cooling. This gives you core support.

This mattress allows you to experience better rest and pressure relief. The feel you get is universally adaptive since it adapts to your body during sleep and it does not affect your sleeping style.

The foam used to make the mattress is Lsa 200 foam and it has a microcell structure that promotes the flow of air while providing the best bounce and hug. This means you stay cool and comfortable while in bed. You also get the kind of support that you need most.

This mattress is assembled and designed in the states using the best foams to support high performance.

The mattress is also guaranteed. It may take more than just one night to appreciate the quality of a mattress. This is why there is a risk free purchase. This means that you can enjoy a one hundred night’s home trial that is also backed by a full refund policy.

The company also works on affecting the society positively. For every 10 mattresses sold, one mattress is donated to charity. Planting a tree for each mattress is also a thing that the company takes seriously.

10: Full Size Mattress, Sweetnight 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress in a Box

best mattress for elderly

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This mattress is 10 inches in thickness and it is made of gel memory foam and three layers. The foam is patented and it allows your body to remain properly aligned.

The mattress offers pressure relief and keeps temperatures cool. It is a perfect mattress for anyone with turning and tossing issues. It also helps anyone who deals with back pain to get a good sleep.

The mattress is designed well and it can be flipped. This means that you can sleep on either side of the mattress. The top side has a memory foam layer made of gel and it is great for those who like a bed mattress that is sleep in.

It offers a cloud-like soft feel. On the bottom side, the foam is high density and supportive. It is a great option for those who love sleeping on a medium mattress.

The foam used is US certified and it does not have any harmful substances in it, like mercury, formaldehyde and other kinds of heavy metals. The cover is made with rayon cotton fabric, which is breathable.

It is a naturally hypoallergenic option that prevents the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria, mildew, and mold.


As we get older, we assume that broken sleep is normal, but it is not. It is important to have a proactive approach if we want to sleep peacefully. There are many medical complications that could keep an elderly person awake at night. It may also be necessary to adjust the sleep environment and diet to feel better.

However, if you realize that you wake up in the morning feeling more tired and in greater pain than last night, then you should definitely change your mattress! A bad mattress can make you feel sore and stiff. Finding a high quality mattress to add to beds for seniors can change how elderly persons sleep and deal with pain.

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