White Granny Panties: Latest sexy underwear for you

The right underwear can without a doubt make or break your day. While any woman would look for comfort when she looks for underwear, a classy and sexy look in that very comfortable pair of women’s cotton underwear would be a bonus.

The right underwear is essential not only for comfort but also for one to have a confident outlook. There are various types of panties available to women.

But from this broad range of types of underwear, the type that appeals most to a woman is grandma underwear and to be more precise, white granny panties. The granny in panties gives off a pristine and obsolete vibe.

But that is far from the truth. Fresh interpretations of this popular type of underwear are hitting the markets more than ever now. Popular brands and celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian are gravitating towards sexy granny panties and are on the move to bring them back.

These granny panties are not only comfy but also, they are stylish and sexy. They give you confidence without making you conscious and are extremely comfy, making them the best women’s underwear. Isn’t this what a woman looks for when she looks for the right underwear? Something sexy yet comfortable.

What are granny panties?

From the very beginning to the end, in one’s life, it seems as if women keep on making a tryst with different types of underwear available to them.

You begin with the funky, cute, cartoon underwear; then, you move on to the sexier side of the underwear- lingerie and in the later stages, you look for a more utilitarian underwear. But what if you could combine sexy and comfort? Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it?

Well, a granny panty lover would refute your beliefs if you think that sexy and comfort cannot coexist together. Don’t judge it just yet. Wait until you have tried these high waisted and roomy pair of underwear.

You will forget unsexy, unflattering and grandma vibes when you try these. These fit like a cocoon around your pelvis, are breathy and allow you to move freely and accentuate your curves too. What more could a woman ask for?

When do women start wearing Granny Panties?

To be honest, there is no particular age from which you are required to wear granny parents. You can wear them whenever you like. Especially given the current climate of body positivity and inclusivity, more and more women are comfortable wearing underwear they feel comfortable and beautiful in.

A pair of hairy granny panties will make you feel strong as you have not bowed down to the traditional standards of beauty. You have reinvented them and are flaunting your ‘beautiful’ and that is what matters.

The new interpretations and styles of granny panties would make you want to wear them as soon as possible given their look, style and comfort aspects.

Thus, there is no requirement of you reaching a certain age to be able to wear a pair of comfortable and sexy granny panties. You can wear them if you are 20 or 25 or 38 or 45. What matters is if you like wearing them.

Why granny panties are the latest sexy trend?

The granny panties are making a comeback. This could be partly attributed to the comeback of fashion from the 50s and 60s. Their sales have surely been on the rise.

Celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian are revamping this fashion trend of the 50s and 60s. They are even incorporating it into their lingerie clothing lines.

Further, they are known for accentuating curves greatly. They are nothing like the stereotypes attached to them. They are extremely flattering and with lace attachments, they work like magic. They bring out the hips and work well for all body types especially the hourglass body type.

Then, there is the comfort aspect of this type of underwear. They are breathy and roomy, provide ample coverage and are perfect for lounging in on lazy days. They work extremely well with high waisted clothes.

More and more women are looking for sexy granny panties and the market is more than ready to fulfill this demand.

Why young women prefer granny panties?

The most interesting thing about grandma underwear is that many young people are going for granny panties. They have no qualms about wearing them. This could be because of the following reasons:


Young people are increasingly buying the granny panties because of the styles it lets them carry well. The high waist trend that is going on at the moment works very well if accompanied by a pair of granny panties. They will bring out your curves like never before. You will be able to wear a high waist skirt or jeans no matter your body type.


There is a well-known saying, “flaunt your curves”. These undies let you flaunt your body without making you feel conscious. They liberate you from any inhibitions. They will make you appreciate your body, your figure, your stretch marks and you too. They will make you feel the positive vibes of body positivity.

Types of granny panties

When you hit the market, you will find that there is not one single type of granny panties. There will be a broad range of types of granny panties. Making the right choice will be somewhat tricky yet you can do it easily.

Your choice will primarily be determined by in which pair of underwear you feel most comfortable in and primarily by which underwear’s style appeals the most to you. Thus, the determining factors are:

  • Comfort and
  • Style

What you need to keep in mind is not to be intimidated by the enormous range of underwear that is being showcased to you. Do not make an opinion without actually trying the underwear. A granny underwear which might look unflattering might be extremely flattering when you wear it and vice versa.

Here is a list of various types of granny panties.

1) Crossover hipster briefs granny panties:

This particular type of granny panties infuses the style of hipsters into the classic granny panties. The crossover style gives it a very cute look and gives excess coverage.

The detailing would differ from brand to brand. What the crossover style means is that the back part of the underwear connects in a sort of crossover with the front part.

2) Lace cut shaping granny panties:

The granny panties are extremely comfy and breathy. They give ample coverage to your backside, bringing the curves out beautifully. The lace cut and lace trim beautify the traditional granny panties making it chic and sexy. Lacy, sexy granny panties are waiting for you.

3) Ruffle granny panties:

The ruffles add an oomph factor in the otherwise boring granny panties. The ruffles give off French vibes and will make you feel charming and beautiful.

They will still be comfortable but will rock the trendy ruffles as an accessory. These panties would exhibit an elastic and pull-on style making it easy on busy days. Busy days will no longer be boring with these panties.

4) High-waist jersey brief like granny panties:

This easy, comfy pair of underwear is extremely serviceable for everyday wear. They are high waist and shaped like briefs and will thus highlight those curves that you feel you have to hide. You do not have to feel conscious of these curves. It has a subtle chic look and is perfect for every day be it a lazy day or a busy day.

5) Silk granny panties:

Silk radiates sexiness. These granny panties replace the traditional cotton blends with silk. The silky material of the granny panties makes them extremely soft, thin and lightweight. It feels as if you are wearing nothing. Also, as mentioned earlier, they are extremely sexy and alluring. What more could you want?

6) Ribbed cotton-blend granny panties:

The ribbed cotton-blend granny panties are quite a popular revamp of the traditional granny panties. The ribbed trend is extremely popular nowadays.

Imagine your underwear being made the same way. They give a sporty look. Further, the cotton-blend makes them extremely roomy, giving ample breathing room.

7) Banded leg cotton granny panties:

These cotton panties are perfect for everybody to wear. They have elastic waists and banded legs, giving full coverage and a secure grip. The soft cotton is very smooth and lightweight making it seem like one is wearing nothing. It is extremely popular as it can be worn under almost every type of clothing.

8) Cool comfort briefs-like granny panties:

These simple granny panties are shaped into briefs. The brief-like style adds to the comfort of the granny panties – a fashionable twist. The fabric is usually a blend making it cool and comfortable. The coolness is good for the nether regions giving them breathing room and comfort.

9) Microfiber high-waist granny panties:

These high waist microfiber panties are a novelty in the granny panty market. They are seamless, soft and are made of eco-friendly microfiber.

So, a clear win-win for you and the environment as well. They are designed in a way to emphasize your curves and figures without making you uncomfortable.

10) High cut brief granny panties:

The high cut feature is becoming extremely popular these days. What it does is use lesser material on the side of the underwear giving a longish appearance. Your thighs and by an extension, your legs look longer. So, if you want to look tall go for these brief-like granny panties.

Advantages of White Granny Panties

The advantages of white granny panties are numerous. It is not an unknown reality that granny panties are often underrated and overlooked because of the ‘granny’ in the panties. But you really should not make an opinion on these without having tried them on.

Firstly, granny panties will not distort your body shape. They will accentuate your butt and curves, giving you the confidence to carry any and every outfit that you might have earlier skipped on because you were scared of embarrassment.

Secondly, they are extremely comfortable. I cannot stress this enough. Thirdly, they are a blessing for your privates. They give them room to breathe and thus, are good for your health.

To sum up, the granny panties should be your go-to preference because:

  • They are soft and feel lightweight
  • Roomy for your privates
  • Comfy no matter what the occasion
  • Perfect for office wear and longing in on lazy days
  • Give a stylish look by accentuating one’s figure
  • Radiate confidence and body positivity.

The best 7 White Granny Panties

1. Vanity Fair Women’s Underwear Perfectly Yours Traditional Nylon Brief Panties
2. The Senior Shop Classic Fit Banded Leg Granny Panties – 3 Pack
3. Hanes Women’s Cool Comfort Cotton Brief Panties 6-Pack
4. Eve’s temptation Ruby High Waist Granny Panties Microfiber Tummy Control Underwear Brief for Women
5. Wirarpa Women’s Soft 100 Cotton Underwear Granny Panties Ladies High Cut Briefs Multipack
6. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Plus-Size Non-Binding Brief Panties
7. Bali Women’s Stretch Brief Panty

How I Selected the best 7 White granny panties?

Curating a list of the 7 best white granny panties was no easy job. After careful research based on several parameters, I could safely say that I have found some of the best white granny panties. Some of these parameters are as follows:

⇒ Fabric: Fabric determines whether the underwear will be cool and soft against the skin.

⇒ Style: It must be ensured that the revamp of the old style is not too far away from the original.

⇒ Comfort: If you are not comfortable with them, then there is no point. They must allow you to move freely.

⇒ Fit: The fit will help you determine if the underwear flatters you or not.

1. Vanity Fair Women’s Underwear Perfectly Yours Traditional Nylon Brief Panties

Vanity Fair granny panties

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These nylon brief granny panties have everything that you could possibly want. Some of the reasons why it is so popular are as follows:

Elastic closure and nylon fabric: The Vanity Fair Women’s Underwear has an elastic closure, making it have a secure grip. The elastic closure lets you move freely. Further, the nylon fabric is extremely soft against the skin and works like magic.

Delicate lace trim: The delicate lace trim is for sure a cherry on top of the cake. It gives a modern and chic look to the otherwise dull granny panties. They look extremely beautiful and make one feel sexy.

Modern brief style: The modern brief style of the Vanity Fair Women’s Underwear Perfectly Yours Traditional Nylon Brief Panties makes them highly functional. One can do anything and not worry about the woes of underwear. It is perfect for everybody to wear anywhere and everywhere. The brief style is a perfect addition to the classic granny panties- a perfect mix of classic and new.

Cotton crotch: The best part about the Vanity Fair Women’s underwear is that it has a cotton crotch. Cotton is extremely good for one’s privates. It allows them a breathing room. This roomy and comfy pair of underwear is not something you would want to miss on.

2. The Senior Shop Classic Fit Banded Leg Granny Panties – 3 Pack

Classic Fit Banded Leg Granny Panties

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This cute little pair of granny undies is worth every penny. And if you want to know why then keep on reading below:

100% soft cotton: The Senior Shop Classic Fit Banded Leg Granny Panties are made fully by cotton- no blends or whatsoever. The cotton is cool and soft against the skin. It works like a charm during the summers. The cotton allows air circulation, helps in revitalizing of your skin as a result. It is particularly well suited in case your skin is sensitive and you have certain allergies.

Full Cut and Full Coverage: The Senior Shop Classic Fit Granny Panties have a full cut which tends to provide full coverage to your pelvis and the backside. It accentuates your curves, making you feel like the beautiful soul that you are.

Elastic waist and banded leg: The elastic waist of the Senior Shop granny panties make them stretchable and easily take the shape of your bottom. The banded legs make them have a secure grip.

Comfort: The cotton Senior Shop Classic Fit Banded Leg Granny Panties are extremely comfortable and thus, a must in your closet. You can wear them under your office wear or in your home on those, particularly lousy days.

3. Hanes Women’s Cool Comfort Cotton Brief Panties 6-Pack

Cool Comfort Cotton Brief granny Panties

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The 6- Pack Hanes Women’s Cool Comfort Cotton Brief Panties are extremely utilitarian and comfy. Some of its notable features are as follows:

Cotton blends: The 75% cotton and 25% polyester blend is a perfect combination. The roomy, cool and comfortable fabric keeps away moisture and keeps you dry making it perfect for every season.

Brief cut: The brief cut of the Hanes Women’s Cool Comfort Cotton Brief Panties acts as a modern twist to the old granny panties. The brief cut gives full coverage and rise to the pelvis, accentuating your curves.

Durable: The cotton fabric is extremely durable and would not shrink even after multiple washes, thus keeping the fit perfect and the same. Further, it comes pre-shrunk to ensure a perfect fit.

Ultra-wide waistband: The ultra-wide waistband ensures that the underwear does not tighten, pinch or bind the skin. It ensures no marks on the skin and a perfect fit for your waist.

Stay in place banded legs: The banded legs feature of the Hanes Women’s Cool Comfort Cotton Brief Panties ensures that the panty lines do not ride up during the day and create any discomfort. The underwear stays in place and promises a hassle-free day.

4. Eve’s temptation Ruby High Waist Granny Panties Microfiber Tummy Control Underwear Brief for Women

High Waist Granny Panties

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These premium panties are extremely breathable, comfy and a must in your underwear drawer. Don’t believe me? Keep on reading and be convinced.

Design: The Eve’s temptation Ruby High Waist Granny Panties for Women have a high waist design which gives them a tummy tucking and slimming effect. The design is such that it provides extra support by way of the double-layer waistband and fitting, flattering your rear and curves. The ribbed design acts as a smooth layer and thus, is perfect for wearing under anything.

Fabric: The fabric is a blend of many but the main constituent is the bamboo viscose fiber. The material is eco-friendly making them great not only for you but also for the planet. Further, they are light-weight and feel as if you are wearing nothing.

Comfort: The underwear is extremely breathable, soft and comfy. It gives a snug fit, rendering you confidence throughout the day and night too. It takes particular care to ensure that it is moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic and odor resistant. They work for everyday wear and even during your periods. So, what are you waiting for?

5. Wirarpa Women’s Soft 100 Cotton Underwear Granny Panties Ladies High Cut Briefs Multipack

Cotton Underwear Granny Panties Ladies

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The 100% cotton deserves all the praise it gets. Some of the prominent reasons why these should be on your ‘to buy’ list are as follows:

Fabric: The fabric is 100% cotton promising odor resistance, breathability, moisture-wicking and hypo-allergenicity. The cotton of the wirarpa Women’s Soft 100 Cotton Underwear Granny Panties Ladies High Cut Briefs Multipack is extremely cool and smooth against the skin, thus making it perfect for everybody to wear.

High cut: The high cut design embodied by the wirarpa Women’s Soft 100 Cotton Underwear Granny Panties creates more room for the thighs and the bottom, accentuating your figure and giving a polished and chic look.

No exposed elastic: The elastic at the waist is completely covered by cotton. So are the banded legs. Both are completely covered to prevent any cinching or pinching. The wirarpa Women’s Soft 100 Cotton Underwear Granny Panties allows free movement and fuss-free days and nights.

French cut design: The French cut design of the wirarpa Women’s Soft 100 Cotton Underwear Granny Panties works like a charm for your legs. It accentuates them, making them look longer. The upper thigh looks longer because of the French cut and it highlights your curves perfectly.

6. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Plus-Size Non-Binding Brief Panties

Plus-Size Granny Panties

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Fruit of the Loom brings its best pair of underwear of women yet again through the Fruit of the Loom Women’s Plus-Size Non-Binding Brief Panties. Below are some of the reasons why these should be in your cart.

100% cotton: The 100% cotton fabric of the Fruit of the Loom Women’s Plus-Size Non-Binding Brief Panties is extremely breathable, allowing room for your bottom and pelvis. It is soft against your skin and acts as a second skin.

Comfort: The Fruit of the Loom Women’s Plus-Size Non-Binding Brief Panties fit extremely well and are your perfect companion on any day be it a lazy Sunday or a hectic Monday. The cotton fabric, banded legs and other features add on to the comfort.

Improved fit: Fruit of the loom has revamped their style and revamped the classic granny panties to fit well and snug. The snug fit of the Fruit of the Loom Women’s Plus-Size Non-Binding Brief Panties takes the shape of your body and works well for your curves and looks. It gives you the confidence to show off your otherwise hidden curves.

Hypoallergenic: The Fruit of the Loom Women’s Plus-Size Non-Binding Brief Panties is hypoallergenic meaning it will act as a soother and will not cause any strange allergies.

7. Bali Women’s Stretch Brief Panty

Stretch Brief Granny Panties

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The Bali Women’s Stretch Brief Panty is extremely functional and great for everybody to wear. Here are a few of the reasons why you should wear them.

Cotton blend: The fabric is a blend of 90% cotton and 10% spandex. The cotton gives space and breathing room. It keeps away odor, moisture and protects against allergies. The spandex provides stretchability and grip.

100% cotton crotch: The Bali Women’s Stretch Brief Panty deserve brownie points because of the 100% cotton crotch, giving ample breathing room, to your privates. Thus, they help in maintaining the odor, moisture and pH balance, etc. Further, the crotch is large enough to accommodate your sanitary napkins and thus are comfort on your menstrual period days.

Full cut: The Bali Women’s Stretch Brief Panty embody the full cut design giving you more than enough coverage. The full coverage helps the granny panties stay in place and not ride up, thus, providing comfort all day long. The full cut is also supported by smooth and large openings for legs preventing any cinching or pinching or crawling.

Stretchable: The Bali Women’s Stretch Brief Panty is extremely stretchy and accommodates your figure. They are must-haves in your shopping cart.

To sum up, it is high time we do away with the stereotypes attached to granny panties. They are no longer the traditional boring panties. Now, revamped and tweaked, they are improved, extremely comfortable and have a chic look. Look away from the granny in panties and give a warm welcome to the best women’s underwear in your underwear drawer.

These panties can be your go-to for every day be it a hectic office day or lazy lounging day at home. It does not matter what age you are. You can wear grandma underwear as long as you like wearing them.

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