Waterproof Bed Pads For Adults: Reusable and Washable

Waterproof bed pads for adults offer protection and peace of mind, especially for those that have issues with incontinence. There are many types of bed pads for incontinence that you can select for adults and some are reusable and waterproof. Such moisture can cause a lot of damage to the beddings and it can irritate the elderly person’s skin.

Sometimes you may find that regardless of how reliable a disposable brief or overnight diaper is, you may still get some leakage from time to time. This could be due to excessive turning and tossing as you sleep. You may also take beverages or foods that do not react too well with your body.

Getting a waterproof mattress bed pad for the elderly is a great way to keep the moisture away. This makes it possible to protect your chairs, beddings and any kind of furniture that could be in use. The pad can be placed on the linens, over the mattress, on the car seat or sofa offering more protection against moisture.

There are different kinds of products that can be used to handle incontinence. When the elderly are concerned, it is important to choose an absorbent waterproof bed pad so as to ensure they stay dry all through.

Adult diapers vs. Waterproof bed pads

If you are caring for an adult with incontinence issues, you should consider helping them getting better sleep by staying dry all through the night. It is also important to protect the beddings so that you do not need to replace them as often as it can be expensive.

When you are making the consideration, you should consider using adult diapers over waterproof bed pads. Disposable diapers, can handle heavy urinary incontinence and/or bowel incontinence.

They are held in place securely using tape closures. However, these are disposable and can be very expensive. Usually, the best quality adult diapers happen to be the highest priced and can be rather out of reach, especially when they need to be used over a long period of time.

As for waterproof bed pads, they can be recycled after use by simply washing them. Depending on the material used to make them, they can be machine-washed. You should also choose the best quality since low-quality ones can get out of place at night. They are not the best for bowel incontinence. Best reusable pads should be easy to wash.

Why are some bed pads made waterproof?

Some bed pads are made waterproof so as to preserve your mattress. They also protect the sleep surfaces from being stained, contaminants, as well as physical damage. Bed pads are meant to handle incontinence issues, whether in children or adults.

There are many situations whereby an elderly person may find such a bed pad useful, especially when they are more advanced in age. Using a waterproof bed pad allows the person to sleep comfortably all through the night without having to worry about staining the mattress. Bed pads are made to be absorbent and so the person can sleep without getting soaked unnecessarily.

How to use a disposable waterproof bed pad?

A waterproof bed pad can be either recyclable or disposable. This is usually fitted on a bed. They can be made of cotton, polyester, vinyl, or plastic, which protects the mattress from spills. The presence of an insulating layer makes them waterproof.

They come in all shapes and sizes and are very easy to use. There are the disposable bed pads for adults which are simply thrown out after they have completed their purposes.

You will not have to wash them, but can use fresh one overtime, just as you would use a disposable diaper. The pad is usually placed in the area where you sleep but you will have to consider its size. It needs to be placed in such a way that it is able to handle any spills as you sleep.

Advantages of waterproof bed pads for adults:

There are many advantages of using bed pads for adults and they include:

  1. Protects the mattress
  2. Keeps the mattress clean
  3. Some have foams that make them very comfortable, especially for anyone with aching muscles
  4. They come in many designs offering a sleek look
  5. They are affordable and inexpensive
  6. They can be durable too
  7. They are easy to wash

What kind of bed pad is good for adults?

Bed pads are very useful as they allow you to preserve surfaces and allow you to have a good night’s sleep. It is common for people with incontinence to have a sleepless night and they may move around a lot during their sleep.

It is therefore important to choose a pad which can serve its purpose in the right way. The size matters. You should select a bed pad that does not move around too much as it may go out of place more often than not. Also, consider an absorbent and waterproof one when it comes to adults.

How to find incontinence bed pads for adults?

Having a good night sleep is not very common, especially for people dealing with incontinence issues. As such, you need to try to make things as comfortable as possible, especially for adults by choosing the best bed pad.

You should take your time so as to find the best pad that will fit well into your lifestyle. This can be done by first identifying just how much fluid you deal with every day. This will help you pick a good material that will be adequate for the absorption of the liquid.

You should also consider the type of mattress that you have. Think about the material that is most preferable for you so that it does not slide when placed on the mattress thereby causing unwanted spills.

Since there are disposable bed pads for adults and washable bed pads options, you should consider this too. This usually depends on the adult’s situation.

This has to do with the kind of incontinence in question and whether the pad chosen will be adequate in managing it. It may also boil down to a matter of preference on a personal level. It is important to note that some kinds of incontinence may require you to use both kinds at the same time.

How I selected the best seven waterproof bed pads for adults?

There are many things that I put into consideration when I was picking the best bed pads that are ideal for adults. They include:

⇒ Absorbency: this is the first thing that should always be taken into account. Adults excrete around a cupful of urine at once. It is important for a bed pad to be able to handle more than just a cupful if it is to hold through the night. Sometimes incontinence has to do with a urine rush.

⇒ Material: it is important to consider the material used to make the bed pad. It should be as comfortable as possible to sleep on. When you choose a pad that is of high quality, it means that water will be wicked from the skin and so you can remain dry and comfortable even after use.

⇒ Capacity: it is also important to consider the fluid retention capacity of the inner core. This is usually provided in the description of the bed pad. If you have heavy incontinence, then you will need higher absorbency.

⇒ Secure fit: it is important to choose a pad that does not move all over the bed making it less useful.

⇒ Size: for adult use, the bed pad needs to be in a reasonable size. This may be determined by the bed you sleep on. Larger sizes are ideal for larger beds and sitting areas.

The best seven waterproof bed pads for adults

1. Reusable / Washable waterproof bed pad 35 x 80
2. Premium Quality Bed Pad, Quilted, Waterproof, and Washable, 34″ x 52″
3. Saddle Style Absorbent Bed Pad with Tuck in sides (34Wx36L)
4. Waterproof Reusable Incontinence Bed Pads
5. RMS Ultra Soft 4-Layer Washable and Reusable Incontinence Bed Under pads
6. PharMeDoc Waterproof Reusable Bed Pad
7. Large Premium Absorbent Waterproof Bed Pad (34Wx52L)

1. Reusable / Washable waterproof bed pad 35 x 80

Washable waterproof bed

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This is one of the best options for adults, especially because it has a waterproof material and it is ideal for heavy soakers. The design is three layers and quilted which is unique. It can be washed many times without changing its application and dependability as well.

The absorbency is at 25 oz.

The best thing about this bed pad is the fact that it is large and works quite well. It is of a premium quality too, and can be used by adults as well as children with incontinence issues. After it is used, you only have to wash it and then reuse. It is available in different colors too, including blue, pink, tan, and green.

The other thing to note with this waterproof option is the fact that it comes with three layers for extra comfort and protection. It is made of cotton and polyester making it quite comfortable to sleep on. This is the surface layer.

The inner layer is made of absorbent material. It is made of 65% polyester and 35% rayon. The back is made of 100% vinyl material. Washing this bed pad is not difficult at all, as it can be washed and dried by machine.

2. Premium Quality Bed Pad, Quilted, Waterproof, and Washable, 34″ x 52″

Premium Quality Bed Pad

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This is another amazing choice for adults and children with incontinence. The fact that it is a waterproof and reusable bed pad makes it possible for you to sleep well all through the night.

There is a waterproof barrier that exists between the sheets and the mattress. It is also absorbent and can be washed easily and then dried for further use.

The fabric is quilted three layers and is therefore very comfortable to your skin. It absorbs liquids well while protecting against any spills and stains. The fact that it comes with a non-slip backing makes it one of the bed pads that you can select.

This means that the bed pad stays in place regardless of how much you move as you sleep. The polyester is backed with vinyl instead of plastic meaning that it does not crinkle, as is the case with the disposable pads so that you can rest comfortably and in silence.

It is a bed pad that is extra-long meaning that it offers full coverage. It offers the user enough space to move as they sleep and they will not have to worry that the material may actually shrink.

3. Saddle Style Absorbent Bed Pad with Tuck in sides (34Wx36L)

Saddle Style Absorbent Bed Pad with Tuck in sides

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This is an absorbent bed pad that has tuck sides and it is waterproof and absorbent. It is a perfect choice for everyone who deals with incontinence. The fact that you can tuck it at the side’s means that it remains in place even when you are restless over the night.

Your sheets and all your beddings are well protected from moisture damage and staining. It is a bed pad that can be used in all areas regardless of their size.

The one thing you note about this option is the fact that it is very durable and you can wash it up to 300 times. It is very friendly to the washer and the dryer, meaning that keeping it clean is not something you will have to worry about.

The core is made of fiber filling which is able to absorb around 8 cups of fluids. It can be used during the day as well as in the night. It comes with a triple layer design which in a way lowers the acidic pH from coming into contact with the skin. This allows you to remain safe at all times.

4. Waterproof Reusable Incontinence Bed Pads

Waterproof Reusable Incontinence Bed Pads Washable

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This option is waterproof and can be used numerous times after washing. They have eight cups absorbency and they are non-slip mattress protectors that are ideal for peers, kids, and adults.

This product has a four-layer design and the top is made of cotton and it is very comfortable and noiseless to sleep on. There is a middle layer that is waterproof and noiseless.

There is also the bamboo fiber layer which is absorbent, offering even greater comfort to the person using the pad. There is also a vinyl barrier which is non-slip and waterproof, making sure that the sheets and the entire bed remain dry all through the night so that you do not get any kind of sleep interruptions.

The material used to make this product is toxic free and it is noiseless. The fact that there is a breathable vinyl material means that it is safe and ideal even for sensitive skin.

The size allows it to cover the bed to the maximum regardless of the size of the bed. The backing is non-slip meaning that the pad will not skip or even shift regardless of how much you turn and toss on the bed.

5. RMS Ultra Soft 4-Layer Washable and Reusable Incontinence Bed Under pads

RMS Ultra Soft 4-Layer Washable and Reusable Incontinence Bed Underpads

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These are bed-wetting pads that have a very innovative design and they are of a premium nature. They offer waterproof protection, as well as comfort to anyone who chooses them. This is the best way to keep those sheets dry all through the night.

The pads come with four layers for extra protection. The material used is polycotton as well as a quilted layer which is made of brushed polyester. There is also the inner layer made of polyester and an inner layer which is absorbent. At the bottom, there is the latex-free barrier, which is waterproof, and non-slip.

The bed pad has four handles that offer a lot of conveniences. They can be used to aid the different health care needs at home. You can use this bed pad over the sheet to protect the mattress and sheets from getting any staining or moisture.

The fact that the bed pad is in a position to absorb moisture very quickly and lock it away means that it is one of the best that can be used for purposes of skin care. You can be sure that your skin will remain dry all through the bight.

It can be easily cleaned by machine.

6. PharMeDoc Waterproof Reusable Bed Pad

PharMeDoc Waterproof Reusable Bed Pad

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This is another amazing choice which can be reused and machine washed. It is absorbent and can truly protect the mattress and beddings in an amazing manner. The product is 34 by 52 inches in size, making it a rather good-sized option. It can be washed and dried using the machine and you can use bleach as well if you please.

The bed pad has got four protective layers that offer superb protection to your mattress and beddings all night long. Its waterproof meaning that you will not have to worry about spills and staining. This allows you to use the same beddings over a long period of time without having to purchase new ones especially the mattress.

The pad can be used for pet protection or even an area for changing the baby if you so, please. It is made of rayon fiberfill and polyester. It also comes with an inner layer which is absorbent.

There is also the surface that is soft and quilted which allows even more absorbency. The absorbent layer makes it possible for your skin to remain as dry as possible all through the night, thereby offering the best solution for incontinence. There is the PVC barrier which is waterproof and anti-skid.

The fact that the leak-barrier is well-engineered means that you can enjoy a very easy clean up kind of setup than would have been possible before.

7. Large Premium Absorbent Waterproof Bed Pad (34Wx52L)

Large Premium Absorbent Waterproof Bed Pad

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This is another amazing incontinence bed pad that can be washed after use. It is the perfect choice for seniors, adults, children, and even pets. The bed pad is absorbent and it is quite large as well.

The outer layer is absorbent and it allows the skin to remain safe and dry all through the time it is being used. There is also the waterproof backing that does not allow any liquid to go through meaning spills and stains are a thing of the past.

It is dryer and washer friendly therefore you have more convenience when it comes to cleaning. It is also environmentally friendly and economical too.

There is the core which is responsible for absorbing al fluid during the night. It can handle up to eight cups of incontinence at a time. It has triple layers meaning that the acidic pH is lowered and reduces the chances of coming into contact with your skin.

Your beddings and your sheets are also well protected with this bed pad in place. It is a very durable option that can be used in many kinds of scenarios involving different age groups. The fact that it is large makes it one of the best incontinence bed pads anyone can go for.


Dealing with incontinence can be a very frustrating thing, especially for the elderly and younger adults. It can be an uncomfortable affair that may tend to bring some sort of a shame to the person affected. However, there are many medical conditions that can cause different levels of incontinence.

The best thing is that you can get the much-needed help and control the incontinence. If you happen to be dealing with such issues, it does not mean that you should not get to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Getting the most ideal pee pads for adults for your needs can add to the quality of life in an incredible way.

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